sodium metabisulfite

sodium metabisulfite

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Brand Name︰HH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 350 / MT

Minimum Order︰27 MT

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Product Description


Product Description
Sodium Pyrosulfite/Smbs/Sodium Metabisulphite/Tech Grade 96%

Chemical Name : Sodium Pyrosulfite, sodium metabisulfite
CAS No : 7681-57-4
Molecular Formula:Na2S2O5 
Molecule Weight:190.10 
Appearance:White or light yellow crystalline powder

Packaging:in polythene plastic bag with a polypropylene overbag, paper-plastic composite bag, kraft bag, etc.



ITEM Industrial grade Food grade
Assay: 96% min 96% min
SO2 content 65% min 65% min
Iron: 0.005% max 0.005% max
Heavy metals (as Pb) -- 0.002% max
  -- 0.0002% max
pH 4.0-4.6 4.0-4.6
Water insoluble: 0.05% max


0.05% max


Main uses:

Food grade: Bleach agent (e.g.candies, cake, bamboo shoots, etc); Loose agent (e.g.bread, cracker etc); Antiseptic and germicide (e.g.fruit juice, tinned food, the cereals food is defended storage etc); Inhibitor and freshen agent ( lily, seafood, fruit and vegetable etc)

Industrial grade: Mordant of printing and dyeing; Dechlorinate of textile after bleaching; Sulphonated agent and reducer of chemical industry and pharmacy; Bleach of paper pulp, bamboo and timber bleach of stapk; Treatment agent of waste water; Rubber solidifying agent Perfume industry is served as hydrocarbon perfume aldehyde The hide profession employ to do to molt dose and pliable dose and wearproof dose; The sensitize industry is served as the developing agent reductant and the protection of fixing bath dose and so on; sewage treatment.




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